Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Boy Who Changed the World

I'm a little late in this review, but here it is!

I recently received The Boy Who Changed the World by Andy Andrews. It's a delightful children's story about how every little thing we do makes a difference. Every choice we make, good or bad, has a consequence. Andy addresses the Butterfly Effect in a charming and effective way for all ages to understand. My three year old and one year old loved it! Lydia really enjoyed finding the butterflies throughout the story and Ethan found the stories quite engaging.

Andy starts with the story of a young boy, Norman Borlaug, who grew up with a desire to feed people who were hungry. But was he the one who changed the world?
Maybe it was a boy named Henry Wallace, who grew up wanting to use his knowledge of plants to make a difference. Did he changed the world?
It could have been a boy named George Washington Carver. He grew up with a love for helping others, and became a wise teacher and inventor. Was he the one who changed the world?
The final story is of Moses Carver, who grew up caring for his friends and family. And one decision he made set off the ripple leading up to each of the other stories.
Along with Philip Hurst's lovely illustrations, Andy Andrews does a great job of showing children that every choice we make will affect someone else's life.

*I received this book courtesy of Thomas Nelson's BookSneeze book review program. All opinions are my own.*

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