Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Plain Wisdom book review

Plain Wisdom was an insightful read into the lives of two friends spanning not only distance, but time. Cindy and Miriam are from two different worlds. Cindy is a typical American woman, wife and mother. Miriam is a typical Amish woman, wife and mother. They met through a mutual friend and soon learned that they had a lot in common. Over the years of getting closer, they began to see the similarities of their lives, in spite of the differences of living. In the book, they each share stories from their families, life, homes, etc. It was a very pleasant read.

Per back of the book:
Best-selling novelist Cindy Woodsmall might seem to have little in common with Miriam Flaud, a woman immersed in the culture of Old Order Amish. But with nine children and almost sixty years of marriage between them, Cindy and Miriam both have found the secrets to facing life with strength and grace. Whether enduring financial setbacks, celebrating new babies and times of prosperity, grieving the crushing losses in the deaths of family and friends, or facing disappointments with their respective communities - through it all they find guidance for each day by looking to God. 
With poignant recollections, unexpected insights, and humorous tales, the two women welcome you into their unique friendship. You'll also gain a rare glimpse into the traditions and ways of the Amish as Miriam recalls special occasions and shares family recipes throughout the book. 
Plain Wisdom is a heartwarming celebration of God, womanhood, and the search for beauty that unites us all. So grab your cup and your quilt and settle in for a soul-comforting read with Plain Wisdom.

*I received this book from WaterBrook Press in exchange for my honest review*

Let's Do Lunch book review

I love inspirational stories, and this is one of them! Roger Troy Wilson lost 230 pounds and 24 inches, and explains how in his book, Let's Do Lunch. The first half of the book is his story, testimonials, and of course the encouragement to see your doctor before beginning a weight loss program.
The second half of the book is how he lost the weight, a sample 14 day plan and recipes! I have to say, that I have yet to try any of the recipes, but I do look forward to it. They all look great and I love trying new foods/meals. I have been stubborn in not wanting to make the effort to loose the extra weight I have, and I've definitely been inspired by this book to actually do it now.

Per the back of the book:
With Let's Do Lunch, you eat until full in all the food groups, including all you want of unprocessed starchy carbs, the sweetest fresh fruits and fruit smoothies, lean red meat, corn thins, cheese, healthy fats, veggies, whole-grain cereals and crispbreads, dark brown and wild rice, snacks, dressings, condiments, and sauces. But because these foods stabilize your blood sugar, your body forces you to become less and less hungry with each passing day. Thus, you begin to eat less and less, consume fewer and fewer calories, and lose all the weight you want.

*I received this book from the BookSneeze Books for Bloggers program in exchange for my honest review.*