Saturday, September 18, 2010

A Sad Day

Well, today started off on a sad note. Our cat, Thumbelina died. We hadn't seen her in a couple of days, so I had a feeling that something might of happened, then my husband found her. It was quite traumatizing for all of us. Especially E, our three year old. He doesn't quite understand death yet, but he knows that she's not coming back. He cried every time he thought about her this morning. As the day went on, he got better, thankfully. And I know that it won't affect him for long, since he's so young. But it was still harder than I thought, having to tell him.
She was a great cat, really. I found her at a shelter when Leo and I first got married. I had always had an allergy to cats; but for some reason, when we moved, it went away. And he loved cats. So it was the perfect first Christmas present! I went to the shelter with a friend of mine, and I sat down in front of the cages with the kittens. She (Thumbelina) was the only one who came over to the side and tried to play with me. I knew right away that she was the one! I mean, if I'm getting a pet, I want to know I have a pet!  She was really pitiful - she was blind in one eye, had chronic respiratory problems and had thumbs on each front paw (hence the name!).  She was the only kitten who had survived her litter, and so had been put with a litter of puppies.
She really thought she was a dog. We brought her home and she learned to come when we called her name. She would sit at the door and wait when Leo came home from work. She was a great cat!
After Lydia was born, Thumbelina started getting restless, so we chose to let her live outside. She enjoyed the freedom and would still come to the door when she wanted attention. Ethan loved playing with her - she's always been "his" cat!
We knew when she went outside, that it was possible for something to happen, but it was still heartbreaking.

The first of many emotional issues we'll deal with as the children grow up, I know.  Ethan already decided he wants another cat. A baby kitten that he can hold. We'll see.

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  1. sorry. 2 out of our 3 cats act like dogs. Hope things get better.