Monday, June 7, 2010

Meal Time Monday

Well, I am currently out of town with my family - so meals this week are a little different. :)
However, on the drive over, my husband and I planned out some new meal ideas to try and see if we can stick to a menu and budget. So, I'll show you our plan and when we're home to actually shop and eat them, I will be more specific!

This is what we came up with: have a certain meal type each night (ie: mexican, seafood, etc.) and find meals all month for those categories - 4 chicken dishes, 4 mexican dishes, etc. I will shop for and prepare meals for each night, although we are usually out two nights a week - either a date or with family. And two lunches out - shopping day and my work day. 
Right now, the plan looks like this:

Monday: Lunch out for shopping/errands
               Supper: Meatless/Veggie Meal
Tuesday: Lunch at home
               Supper: Chicken/Turkey Meal
Wednesday: Lunch at home
                Supper: Mexcian Meal
Thursday: Lunch out
                Supper: Crock pot/Quick Meal    
Friday:     Lunch at home
                Supper: Italian Meal
Saturday: Lunch at home
                Supper: Beef/Steak Meal
Sunday: we drive an hour for church - so most meals are out or leftovers when we get home

We'll see how it goes - right now I'm planning a month long menu for July!

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