Monday, June 28, 2010

and take a breath...

Wow! I've been away for a long time, not exactly by choice the whole time...
You know my husband travels a lot for work, and thankfully, his last site was close enough for us to join him. So three weeks ago, we went along on a work trip and took a little vacation for ourselves. We came home late Friday night, June 11th and found an infestation of fleas! And no we piled back in to the car to head to the in laws for the night - and it wouldn't start. :-/. It was the beginning of a long weekend.  Saturday, the 12th, I spent the day working with some wonderful women on a project I'm newly involved in (more info to come!) while Leo and Ethan played with grandparents and attempted to figure out what to do with our house/water/car.
Then, on Sunday, after church, Leo left town again. I stayed here to take care of some things. The fleas still wouldn't die, and the car was going to the shop, the water got fixed! We stayed with my in laws and then grandparents while I got a few things from our house and tied up a few loose ends, then the kids and I packed up (well, stayed packed) and went back to Florida to spend a few more days with Leo. We came back home on Friday the 18th.  and the fleas were still around, car was fixed though! So, we spent the weekend with the in laws again! Leo and I spent Saturday at our house, cleaning and trying more flea remedies. Then on Sunday, after church, we started out on our real vacation! It was our first family vacation and the first trip Leo and I have taken in about four years that didn't involve work or other family meetings and such - purely a pleasure trip!  I will write more about it later-it deserves a blog post to itself!
We came home Friday, the 25th from our trip and have been in our house since then! It's been nice to be back, and my mother in law was a huge help in coming and cleaning and helping to get rid of the fleas! Ethan was very ready to be back in his own bed and see his toys; and while we were ready to be back - it's been hard going back to a queen size bed after sleeping in a king for three weeks!
So, that's a little bit about why I haven't posted in so long - things were crazy and I just didn't have the time and energy for being on the computer alot. I will get back to normal postings soon!

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